Our desire is to sublimate honey to take care of all skin, even the most fragile. We are proud to develop and offer you essential, healthy and natural care for the daily life of the whole family. At every stage of our product design, we are committed to respecting the values that drive us: transparency, kindness, purity, family.


Protect the planet

For Bee Nature, preserving the environment is a major concern. Bee Nature products are respectful of Man and Nature. Our ingredients are selected in accordance with the preservation of biodiversity. Indeed, our raw materials are of natural origin 99% or 100%, biodegradable, certified Slow Cosmetics and labeled BIO. Without harmful components or endocrine disruptors, our products do not cause damage to our health, fauna and flora.



For the whole family

Bee Nature offers simple treatments that offer efficiency and sensoriality for the whole family. Our formulas are short without superfluous, naturalness is maximized (between 99% and 100% of ingredients of natural origin) and our ingredients are traceable. Transparency towards you is one of our core values. We develop our products with love and kindness to take care of you and your loved ones and to make your daily life easier.

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Protect the bees

We have placed the preservation of bees at the heart of our activities. In addition to the use of our organic honey from beekeeping respectful of bees and their way of life, we also participate in the safeguarding of bees through the sponsorship of hives. Acting for the protection of bees motivates us and we try to give back to nature a little of what it offers us.

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100% recyclable packaging

The materials used for packaging are healthy for the consumer, there is no migration of harmful elements or endocrine disruptors in the formulas. In addition, ALL our packaging is 100% recyclable. Our laboratory is even the first to offer 100% recyclable pump bottles. Indeed, the other pumps on the market contain several different materials, including plastics and metal elements, making them impossible to support in recycling chains. By offering the first fully monomaterial pump, we offer our consumers 100% recyclable packaging (PMC blue bag) without having to separate the pump from the bottle.


Committed to society

Bee Nature has always been attentive to developing an economy based on respect for the environment and also respect for people. The realization, design and production of our products take place entirely in Belgium and we have chosen to work with an ETA (Company of Adapted Work for the disabled) for the production of our products, offering people with disabilities access to work up to 70% of resources. We also have an ethical approach to our suppliers. Our honey comes from fair trade in collaboration with Oxfam, with the aim of helping the disadvantaged inhabitants of the semi-desert region of Caatinga earn additional income through beekeeping. This additional income is desperately needed as the region has low economic potential due to the lack of industry.

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Tous nos produits sont 100% éco-conçus

De la recherche & développement à la production, tout est made in Belgium donc local. Notre site de production est à la pointe de l’utilisation rationnelle de l’énergie et des matières premières, ayant à cœur de protéger l’environnement au maximum. Le photovoltaïque lui permet de produire une partie significative de son besoin en énergie électrique. Associé à une industrie du bois, son économie circulaire lui permet d’utiliser les résidus de scierie pour produire une partie substantielle de la chaleur nécessaire à la fabrication des cosmétiques. Enfin, le traitement des eaux industrielles du site permet de fonctionner en boucle fermée en recyclant l’eau à l’infini.