Pioneers in this field, we created the concept of Natural Dermatology, which has become a reference in the field. The richness of our care lies in our organic and fair trade honey, a true treasure of nature. Its benefits are maximized and enriched by the natural active ingredients with high added value that we select with a very strict specification. From Research and Development to production, including formulation, everything is 100% Made in Belgium.

Our Formulations

Bee Nature's Research and Development division, which is led by a clinical pharmacist specializing in natural dermatology, creates the only treatments that result from the perfect and optimal fusion of clean beauty and dermatology. Thanks to our selection of raw and unprocessed raw materials, proven properties and added values, our strict ban-list and the absence of allergens, our laboratory combines these different expertises to offer the most natural, healthy and mild products for the whole family. From design to manufacturing, quality and safety are our watchwords, without compromising on sensoriality.

Our products are of natural origin 99% or even 100% for many of them. And unlike many laboratories that surf the wave of naturalness and go as far as greenwashing, we guarantee the use of raw natural ingredients, having undergone the least possible industrial transformations. This attention to the quality of our raw materials and their entire life cycle guarantees the preservation of the intrinsic properties of the treasures that nature provides us and the minimization of the environmental impact of our approach.

Concerned about the real effectiveness of our cares, we pay particular attention to the use of our assets at effective concentrations. It is this high concentration with high added value that makes the richness of our products. For the more informed, you will find them in the first places of our lists of ingredients.

Our products

Our products follow a strict control protocol before reaching your bathroom.

Physicochemical and microbiological tests guarantee their stability. A safety assessment report is also carried out by an independent expert toxicologist, in accordance with the regulations. This analysis takes into account each ingredient in the formula, its concentration, the scientific data related to its use on the skin and the conditions of use in the final product. This evaluation guarantees the perfect safety of our products.

In addition, safety tests, as well as use tests and clinical studies are carried out under dermatological control by an independent accredited laboratory. The very high dermatological tolerance of our products, as well as their effectiveness, is thus evaluated and demonstrated.

When sensioriality rhymes with quality!

We also pay particular attention to offering a careful sensoriality to guarantee a pleasure of care. Our fragrances of natural origin offer a sweet, light, and pleasant smell. Our sharp texture work gives our users a pleasure of use rarely equaled in the field of natural cosmetics.

Our Labels

Our products, labeled BIO, are respectful of health and the environment and guarantee an absence of toxicity and adverse effects. Our ban-list is very long and requires us to exclude any ingredient at risk or potentially irritating or allergenic: no endocrine disruptor, mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, silicone, EDTA, PEG, phenoxyethanol, essential oil, synthetic perfume, alcohol, etc.

We are the only natural laboratory that can claim such cutting-edge dermatological expertise: our formulas are developed by a clinical pharmacist and validated by allergy dermatologists, then subjected to rigorous tests. We pay particular attention to respecting the physiological skin pH: it is neutral in newborns and slightly acidifies as it grows. Our products are therefore formulated in this sense by age groups. They are therefore suitable for the whole family from birth, and for all skin types, even sensitive or atopic/ allergic. Our products are also safe for pregnant and lactating women. This expertise has been rewarded by the allergy prevention label AFPRAL, so we are also the only natural member.