3 tips to take care of baby’s skin in winter

The cold of winter is hard on your baby’s fragile skin. It is necessary to take care of and protect it. Here are our 3 tips to pamper your little one’s skin:

1. Beware of temperature changes
It is logical not to leave your baby in rooms that are too cold, but it is not good either if it is too hot. Because if the cold attacks and dries the skin, changes in temperature and too much heat have the same deleterious effects. It is advisable to set an average temperature of 20°C, both at home and in the car. You can also increase the humidity level in the baby’s room with a humidifier or a bowl of water on the heater.

2. Baby on an adventure
When it’s cold outside, it’s not a good idea to put on ten layers of clothing to protect baby. Being too tight in your clothes can actually be detrimental to maintaining a good body temperature. Choosing warm and protective clothing allows you to protect your baby effectively without overcrowding him! Since baby’s extremities are very sensitive, maximum protection of the hands, feet, head and ears is essential. It is important to avoid irritating or aggressive materials such as wool, and to prefer clothes and protections that are soft on the skin (cotton for example).

3. Moisturize and protect
Subjected to external aggressions, the skin needs to be moisturized and protected. The care products used must be adapted to the baby’s fragile skin: choose formulas that combine a natural composition with excellent dermatological tolerance. No allergens or irritants, and a neutral pH to be respectful of baby’s skin. It is important to choose gentle, non-drying cleansing products and to apply a moisturizer after the bath. Opt for formulas rich in active ingredients with high added value, such as plant oils and butters, which nourish the skin in depth and protect it from cold and dryness.

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