Parabens, a danger for the planet and health?

Parabens are all around us. Often used in cosmetics as preservatives, we also find them in some medicines and even in our food, as food additives.
For a few years, they have been much talked about. And for good reason, they are harmful to our planet and are suspected of being carcinogenic!

Because we know that it is not always easy to decipher a label, we help you to see more clearly on these potentially toxic ingredients that we talk so much!

Parabens are allergens: they are very poorly tolerated by sensitive and atopic skin. They are also endocrine disruptors; they interfere with certain hormones in our body, which can have effects on our health. They are for example suspected of increasing therisk of cancer.
Studies are currently underway to assess and clarify this risk.

 The European institutions have published a first list banning certain parabens in leave-on products and in products for the seat area of children: isopropylparaben, isobutylparaben, phenylparaben, benzylparaben, pentylparaben.

Only two parabens have been judged as “safe”: methylparaben (E218 and E219) and ethylparaben (E214 and E215). However, some studies are still ongoing.

Although the dangers of parabens and their impact on our health have yet to be clarified, caution regarding their use remains the key word.
No questions to ask when using Bee Nature products, they do not contain any! We have replaced them with natural preservatives such as honey and benzoic acid (“benzoic acid” in the list of components), which are approved by the organic charters.

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