Comment choisir les produits de soin de son Bébé ?

How to choose your baby’s care products?

Baby’s skin

Your little one’s skin needs to be taken care of! It is indeed very different from that of older children, and therefore requires special precautions and care.

“Immature, sensitive, permeable” are the terms that characterize your baby’s skin. Immature, because several of its components are not yet formed: intercellular cement, hydrolipidic film, sebaceous glands, etc. Yet these elements participate in the epidermis’ defense mechanisms. Sensitive; because it is not yet able to face external aggressions such as important temperature variations, too aggressive products, hard water, etc. Permeable; baby’s body surface is very large and his skin is thinner. Harmful or irritating components therefore penetrate even more than in adults.

Taking care of your baby and his health requires an informed choice of skin care products. Several parameters must be taken into account when making your selection. 


Quality of the ingredients

First, the quality of the ingredients. Are they natural? In what percentage? Favour natural formulas with a minimum of 95%. With ingredients of organic origin, it is even better to avoid pesticides and pollutants. It is also advisable to avoid components that are harmful to baby’s health or to the environment, such as endocrine disruptors. Among the ingredients known or suspected to be harmful, there are for example many chemical sunscreens, BHT, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, silicones, or PEGs.


Dermatological tolerance

Also pay attention to skin tolerance. Skin care products must be dermatologically tested, but that’s not all. Opt for formulas that minimize the risk of irritation and allergy. These few components should be avoided, for example, because they are too aggressive or allergenic: cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, phenoxyethanol, methylisothiazolinone, etc. Beware of false friends: sweet almond oil, essential oils, and sometimes even calendula, are now not recommended by dermatologists because they cause more and more allergies. Also be careful with alcohol (“alcohol” in the list of ingredients), a natural preservative often used in products claiming a certain naturalness: it is irritating and drying, so it is not recommended for very young children.

Finally, the pH of the skin is neutral (= 7) at birth, before becoming more acidic as it grows. It is therefore essential to respect this physiological pH to avoid any irritation or skin reaction.

With over 99% natural ingredients and no irritants or allergens, Babyzz® products minimize the risk of allergies. Their neutral pH respects the physiology of baby’s skin. The ideal range to take care of your baby’s skin on a daily basis, from birth!

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