Pourquoi éviter les parfums synthétiques ?

Why avoid synthetic perfumes ?

Phthalates, synthetic musks, petrochemicals, alcohol, … are all ingredients that can be found in the perfumes of our products used daily.

These substances have been pointed out by many studies that have highlighted their danger to health and the environment, like Greenpeace. In its study, Greenpeace has demonstrated the allergenic, toxic and carcinogenic nature of many ingredients used in the composition of chemical products used by the perfume industry.

Some of these ingredients, such as petroleum-based products and synthetic musks, are difficult to break down by the body and the environment. Designed to last, these chemical substances used in skin care products can penetrate our body through the skin, becoming detectable in our blood and in breast milk.

They are also found in the environment, when soaps and shampoos are rinsed and end up in wastewater, accumulating in nature and becoming detectable in the bodies of animals in contact with these polluting substances.

What are the alternatives?

  • Use less perfume: by limiting overexposure through various products.
  • Find natural substitutes: there is now a wide range of natural scents to satisfy your senses!
  • Choose cosmetics that mention that their fragrance is of natural origin: they respect a restrictive charter by banning phthalates and synthetic musks.

Bee Nature's commitment
The fragrances used in our skincare products are formulated with natural-origin fragrances, free from endocrine disruptors, petrochemical components and alcohol. They are also certified organic by our various labels. Their fresh, fruity scents will make you fall in love!

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