What is Slow Cosmetics?

As you probably know, Bee Nature® has obtained since 2014 the Slow Cosmetic® label.

But what is Slow Cosmetics?
According to their charter “Slow Cosmetics is a militant movement for an alternative consumption of beauty, embodied by the Slow Cosmetics Association and its partners. It is an ecological and ethical approach based on a common desire to promote a natural, healthy and reasonable mode of consumption of cosmetics.” So we can see that this movement seeks to promote an ecological, ethical and natural cosmetics, which is based on 4 pillars: an ecological, healthy, intelligent and reasonable cosmetics.

A more ecological cosmetic
A certified Slow Cosmetic brand must be formulated and practiced in respect of the environment. It cannot use ingredients from petrochemicals, synthetic chemistry, plastic industry, … that is to say all ingredients that have a negative impact on the environment or the body. On the contrary, it must prefer to use ingredients of natural and organic origin and must minimize its ecological impact in all stages of the creation process of its products.

A healthier cosmetic
A Slow Cosmetic is created while respecting the health of all living beings (humans, plants, animals). It must not contain any component that could harm the respect of the living being, its life cycle, the physiological functions of the organism and that could cause toxicity. It must not be tested on animals, nor must it exploit them if it causes suffering or death.

A more intelligent cosmetics
According to the Slow Cosmetics charter, cosmetics must respond to the real needs of the skin, including cleaning, moisturizing and protection, which must be satisfied with sensible gestures without multiplying them unnecessarily. In the creation of products, it must use simple formulas based on noble and organic ingredients, which excludes any synthetic ingredient inert, inactive or unnecessarily transformed and those for which it is possible that they improve the health of the skin but deteriorate that of the body or mind.

A more reasonable cosmetic
A brand following this charter must not make false promises that it will not be able to keep in relation to the nature of the product or a cosmetic gesture. It will not use greenwashing, manipulation, or any other technique whose purpose is to deceive the consumer. In terms of price, it must sell at a fair price reflecting the quality of its ingredients, its formulation, its service. Moreover, it encourages ancestral and traditional know-how while remaining ethical. Finally, it does not claim exclusivity of ingredients from nature or human talent and encourages the choice of natural options, beneficial for the body, beauty and mind.

Source: AISBL Slow Cosmétique. Slow Cosmetics Charter.

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